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BIZOAR is the culmination of 15 years of eBusiness experience in designing Business Operation Management software solutions for service Operators and Providers. It's service modules are designed to serve Startup to large, any type of business.

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Provide great service

Using a comprehensive structure in the e-Business and distribution sectors of activities, the BIZOAR Service Delivery & Business Operation System delivers strong functionality in a flexible environment, fully adaptable to changing needs. Custom solutions are also available.

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Manage your business

BIZOAR is an integrated service delivery platform for both consumers and service providers. Register and open your first door to the Local business world. BIZOAR provides you with an end-to-end business operation platform. Our End to End (E2E) solution is scalable to meet your demands.

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100+ Niche Ideas - Instant Deployment

Whether you are a college student, working professional, trade person, marketers, self employed or even unemployed, there has never been a good time to start an online business than NOW! We reached out to a wide variety of entrepreneurs to find out the hottest online business ideas. And, eventually we have incorporated hundreds of Niche Business Ideas within our System Capabilities.

Our New BIZ Startup seminar will guide you determining your Niche Business and how to translate your knowledge, skill & passion into your own business.

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BIZOAR Software As Service (SAS) Modules


BIZOAR All-In-ONE Service Delivery Model



Who BIZOAR is for?

Buyers or Customers
Any individual or business can subscribe or purchase any product or service from any BIZOAR members. Customers can either order a service or book an appointment with the service provider . Our Professional Project Managers ensure quality service delivery of our GOLD & PLATINUM members.

Service Providers - Business Owners
Any service provider is fully equiped to receive orders from Bizoar Customers. Orders are managed through Bizoar CRM Software module.
We will be launching MLS Home search modules for Real Estate Agents/Brokers on July 1, 2017.

Workers, CoWorkers, Individual Contractors
Anyone interested to work under any listed service categories, may register as a CoWorker. BIZOAR Skill Matrix System will seek job opportunities among service partners.

Marketers, Promoters, Affiliates or Value Added Resellers
BIZOAR's BizNET module providers B2C or B2B Business networking Capabilities. Products & Services can be reffered by a BIZOAR Connection to anyone. BIZOAR provides realtime referral management and refferer can earn 25% to 50% commission.
Therefore Anyone can start an affiliate or reseller business using BIZOAR system instantly. Moreover, Web-Store module allows to create an online product catalog that is very essential to showcase products.

Service Delivery and Project Managers/Brokers
Unlike Marketers, service delivery manager/broker are fully equipt to manage service or product delivery online. Scheduling Maintenance can also be easily managed through TimeCafe Module.
For Example, One can hire few trade people and get orders through BIZOAR and manage all workers, work orders and schedules seamlessly online.

Any Business transforming into eBusiness
Any business can benifit from BIZOAR by
(i) Building a product Catalog
(ii) Allow online customer inquiries using a custom inquiry form
(iii) Allow customer book appointments online
(iv) Online Workflow Manager
(v) GenuBOOK for online bookkeeping and Tax Preparation
(vi) Business Networking & Structured Live Referral Program

Business Idea/Opportunity Seekers
We have incorporated hundreds of Niche Business Ideas within our System Capabilities. Our New BIZ Startup seminar will guide you determining your Niche Business

Developers - Web Designers
Get train and sell solutions to your clients. We can work with you for custom solutions for your clients.


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BIZOAR Features

one stop business and marketing solution


Business Directory

Our listing service allows you to buy, sell and promote your products and services on our TradeHUB Online Marketplace.

eCommerce website

Our eCommerce Server allows you to create your online store instantly. You can link this store to your own domain name.

GenuBook - Bookkeeping

Do your bookkeeping online yorself or let us do it for you at a fractional cost. Outsource your bookkeeping to us.


Use HubDesk, our customer relationship management (CRM) software, to manage your business from anywhere.


We understand each business is unique. ReqForm allows us to develop a custom Service Request form for your business.

Online Appointment Booking

Our onine scheduling software TimeCafe made is very easy for you and your clients to book appointments online, anytime.

Social Marketing

Enjoy the huge benifit of our social marketing and grow your business rapidly.

Business Consulting

Our experience team of professionals provide all forms of business consulting services in your area.

BIZOAR Service Broker

We are always partnering with reliable service partners in your city. You would be owning a service of your choice.

BIZOAR Global Marketplace

Thousands of our Buyers find their low cost sourcing from products and services listed by members like you.
BIZOAR Service Platform is built on Integated Marketing and Request Fullfillment Process. So, enjoy our free inbound markeitng we do for our members!!

We classify our members into three categories: Brokers, Partners and CoWorkers. Any member should be up and running within 3 days. Free training is available as well!

Future of Workplace

Today and future workplace is anywhere, on any device, working any time, using collaboration and social media to be more productive. And, that is why BIZOAR built a robust and secure Service Management System that works for any individual or business.

BIZOAR is a true integration of PEOPLE, PROCESS and TECHNOLOGY.

Automated Scheduling

Be in full control of your availability, 24/7—literally.

Clients can see your real-time calendar availability, self-select the time that works best for them, and easily book (and pay for!) their own appointments in advance, sparing you 90%* of current headaches & huge day to day frustration. Try TimeCafe for Free

Manage multiple locations or employees, only show your clients the calendar you want them to see, and block out any dates you’ll be taking off for all the biggies: Earth Day, Flag Day, Donut Day. The usual.

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