Companies from around the world are successfully exporting their goods by orders of BIZOAR Trade association. We welcome suppliers who are capable to deliver acceptable standards of quality and interested to participate in BIZOAR Trade Import - Export Program. Learn more about BIZOAR Trade

Customized Buyer Service at BIZOAR Global Marketplace BIZOAR (Import Export program) is a leading international trade facilitator in the world. We are dedicated in offering the integrated sourcing services for international buyers, including Factory Tour, Manufacturers Matching, Sourcing Conference, and Sourcing Salon. These special events are free of charge to volume buyers. All you have to do is apply. We'll take care of the rest.

1. Factory Tour
A formal on-site inspection for the production capabilities of potential Manufacturers; You will get accompanied by a knowledgeable sales consultant with good understanding of local business and industry; Free drive from airport or hotel to the factory which you choose beforehand; We won’t involve in any negotiation between the two parties; No commission we will take.

2. Manufacturers Matching
Discover top Manufactures in selected countries each through our Manufacturers Matching System(SMS); Our accurate SMS helps you pick up the most suitable Manufacturers; All you need to do is just a simple call or email to let us know your sourcing inquiry; We will reply you with thorough quotation sheet in three working days.

3. Orders Processing
BIZOAR may pay to Supplier on behalf of Buyer for ordered goods according to Delivery Agreement signed by BIZOAR.

The payment for ordered goods according to the Payment Terms of Supplier.

4. Delivery
Supplier provides or delivers a product ordered and paid by Buyers or by BIZOAR on behalf of Buyers.

When goods are being exported by orders of BIZOAR, the stickers or printed labels "Exported by order of BIZOAR Market Network" should be attached. The samples are provided by BIZOAR.

5. Shipments
BIZOAR and its associated forwarders are capable to collect goods of supplier and transport them to market of destinations by using its own transport facilities.

6. Quality Control
The quality control is according to the international control system. Otherwise independent third party expertise may be required. Additional requirements could be the subjects of additional negotiations.

In certain cases where a supplier needs to have a high level of technical competence to manage critical issues, verification is carried out by BIZOAR experts as an integral part of supplier qualification.

Come join us, to enjoy a new level of sourcing experience with BIZOAR.

Learn More and Apply at join@BIZOAR or fax @ 403-476-5873

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 VAT ( European and Bangladeshi companies )

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BIZOAR recommend you to provide complete specifications incl. prices FOB or EXW

Product Catalog
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Price list
Packing Details
Delivery Time

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*Your annual Purchase possibilities

              *Select the import market

 *Your Quality Control procedure


How would you like to receive a confirmation if demand for your product is confirmed ?

If demand for your product is confirmed, you will be mailed a confirmation.


 Important: Please make sure that all information and specifications are accurate and complete. 






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